In 2014  the definitions of church and private schools were amended with the passage of SB-38 (Act 245-2014). The current definition reads “only such schools that are established, conducted, and supported by a nongovernmental entity or agency offering educational instruction in grades K-12, or any combination thereof, including preschool, through on-site or home programs.” 

Since Alabama law describes an entity as an individual, parents may establish a private school in the home.  

 If you choose to go this route you simply need to file the registration form linked below, annually with your local BOE (Board of Education). Hardly any information is required, but it is required BY LAW to report enrollment, it’s not optional.

The ALSDE (Alabama State Department of Education) website might have a different interpretation, and so might your local BOE representatives.  The public school system is not a reliable source for non-public school information.

  When filling out this form, list yourself as the ‘non public school official’ and list your title as either teacher or principal. You can make up a school name for your home-based private school,  just be mindful that you may need to use that name in other places in the future. The second page for attendance isn’t to be turned in, but is to be kept in your records.

In addition to attendance records, the law states that immunization records (or immunization exemption forms) should also be kept. Read more about private school requirements in following sections of the Alabama legislative code.

Section 16-1-11.3  Autonomy of nonpublic schools – Applicability of statutory requirements
Section 16-28-8 Reports required must be furnished
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