Who we are
Alabama Home Educators (ALHE) is governed by a board of volunteer directors with a variety of homeschool, life and leadership experiences who share a common vision and passion for serving the Alabama homeschool community.
The vision for ALHE was born from the awareness of a critical need for an informed and involved central point of statewide communication and support. ALHE aims to bring homeschool leadership and home educators together in effort to offer support, resources, ideas, and critical legislative updates and information. Our hope is to strengthen our community, empower our leaders, and to develop a sustainable, dynamic and practical community-focused organization structure that can evolve with the needs of the community for generations to come. It is our pledge to preserve the past, address the now, and always look ahead to the future.
*ALHE is not a Christian focused organization operated by homeschoolers- ALHE is a homeschool focused organization, that is operated by a group of believers who value biblical principles.*

[*Alabama Home Educator’s status as a 501(c)3 corporation is in process of application and approval. ]

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