Deschooling is something that is often recommended if you are pulling your child out of public school. It’s a time for your child to decompress, and come back to the table refreshed. This doesn’t mean they have to be laid out watching YouTube videos and scarfing down Cheetos! Take this time to visit the library, museums, and exploreums in your area. See what interests your child has. Jump in on home school field trips and make friends!

This is also a great time to explore how your child learns best. You may hear the term “Learning Styles”. It really is as simple as it sounds. You are asking how your child learns best and easiest.  Learning Styles Online is a good jumping off point to find where your child falls!

“When I pulled my two from public school after 6th grade I assumed they would do best all on the computer, they were that generation after all. Turns out they really learned better with hands on activities and actual books. This was eye opening to me!”                                — Erin W. from Mobile

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