Homeschool moms would probably agree that choosing curriculum is one of the hardest of our homeschool decisions!  Not only are there hundreds, if not thousands, of options out there these days, but we also just don’t want to mess up our kids!  But rest assured, it does not have to be that stressful. 

Some of the best advice given to new homeschoolers is to not spend a fortune on curriculum up front!  You can get started with some of the FREE options available (see the Resources tab on our website) as you take time to get to know your child, his/her learning style, and take time to research your options. 

Also know that starting with a curriculum doesn’t mean you are stuck with it for forever!  You can change something if it isn’t working!  Generally, it is recommended that you give it a hearty try before you jump ship (approximately 4-6 weeks of use), but this is not a hard-and-fast rule if you just KNOW that it isn’t a good fit. 

For a little help identifying what may be a BETTER fit than another, we’d recommend Cathy Duffy Reviews

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