✨What is Alabama Homeschool Capitol Day?✨
~Across the country homeschool groups recognize the need to show solidarity of community, and the positive accomplishments of our children. In the planning of our Alabama event we reached out to MTHEA (Middle Tennessee Home Educators Association), Homeschool Iowa – The Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators, and others to gather ideas, and support. They were all wonderfully supportive and excited to see what we accomplish.
~This event, like homeschool capitol days held across the country, is not a lobbying event for changes to any current AL Homeschool legislation, but we understand that freedoms aren’t stagnant.
~This day will be opportunity to come together and show strength in community, and talent in our kids. We will be presenting Outstanding Alabama Homeschool Student awards, Alabama Homeschool children will be designing the t-shirts for this event, and the talent of our children will be showcased several times over the course of the day.
~We will have some interesting speakers lined up for you to sit in on, as well as Capitol tours, and we will be sending small groups into the statehouse to see the legislative process in action.
~There are plans to meet with senators and representatives to share the abundance of opportunities happening in our community, and the great kids involved in those activities.
~This is a bipartisan event. We are coming together with a common ground of maintaining the freedoms we have. To that end if you find yourself at odds with a representatives values or opinions, speak the truth in love. We want to convey kindness and grace to all those we encounter.
~We want to welcome all of our Alabama homeschool families to come on this day, and to participate in the many activities we have planned. A strong showing of our families at this event will show better than anything we say how seriously we take our liberties, and how important we consider maintaining them.
~Registration will be open soon and we hope you will register to come, we want to have a good idea of the amount of materials we need to have to give you on that day!
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